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Welcome to OCTC's Compliance Assist landing site! Please note the best practices below for saving supporting documents.


 Best Practices for Saving Supporting Documents

  1. Make sure your document is dated before you save it. This will make it easy to confirm the most recent file is posted if later edits are made.
  2. Only files that are “clean” should be uploaded; meaning no social security numbers, student IDs, confidential information, etc.
  3. Convert the Document to PDF format. If the document is not a PDF, open the document in Word, Excel, etc., and click “Save As” Under Save As Type (below the file name) select “PDF”.  Save this PDF document to your computer.
  4. Name the document as follows: Detailed Document Name_Year. For example Mechatronics Program Review_2012-2013 or Maintenance and Operation Budget_2013
  5. Locate the parent folder in Document Directory or Gallery corresponding with the document (e.g., Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Business Affairs)
  6. Select a sub-folder if applicable (i.e. Personal Services and Skill Trades, Welding)
  7. Select “Upload File” and search/select the document you wish to upload from your computer files.
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